To give you a better description of just how it all works. You are now able to unlock and access all TV apps and websites on any device anywhere in the world that would otherwise usually be limited to individual countries.

As you will have noticed when overseas, when you try to access services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, these will only work in their country of origin (UK & USA). If you register for a VPN subscription and install these details on your device, it will then start to connect to the internet via a special VPN server based in either the UK or USA which will in turn give you device a British or American IP address and so will allow all applications to work as though you were in either of these countries.

Thousands of British & American expats living in countries such as Spain, Canada, The United Arab Emirates and Australia now use this service to access services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, TV Catchup, Netflix and many more on their iPads, Laptops and Smart TV sets.

Unlike most VPN providers, we offer you a multi country multi server (& importantly) an unlimited bandwidth** connection, so you may watch as much on-line TV overseas as you wish without any interruption.

This VPN service is incredibly easy to set up on nearly all internet capable devices and will allow you free access to watch all UK TV free-view channels streaming live anywhere on the planet as well as access to all UK & US on demand TV players for catch-up TV at any time.

So if you would like to give this service a try, simply click here and subscribe securely using PayPal. Our service is totally non contract so you may cancel at any time. We also offer a 24 hour notice no questions asked full money back return if you are not totally happy with the service, so no risk at all on your part.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask our friendly UK based support team who will be happy to help you out.watchiplayer.com_-_diagram